Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Ethan?

Sterlising not advised. We advise that you clean Ethan with soapy water and a damp wet cloth and allow to air dry. Do not submerge Ethan in water. Discard the toy if the rubber is broken or damaged in any way.
Not suitable for the dishwasher.


Will Ethan fade?

As the paint is non toxic and child friendly over time the paint may fade or wear in high use areas.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat.

We advise that you clean your Ethan regularly


Does he squeak?

Yes, he does, he has a squeaker in the base of his right foot. We advise that you do not sterilise or submerge Ethan in water.


Can I use Ethan in the Bath?

No, Ethan is not suitable for use in the bath.


Has Ethan passed any safety Testing?

Yes, Ethan has been vigorously tested and is fully compliant with all teething toy standards.


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